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5 Best WordPress Web Hosting for Event Blogging

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If you want to do Event blogging then you must be thinking about the best WordPress web hosting for Event Blogs. Right? When it comes to event blogs when you receive lots of traffic in short time, You just need one thing: Web Hosting which can handle very high real time traffic !

So we won’t be looking out for usually shared web hosting for event blogging. Why? Because most shared hosting won’t have the power to handle 200+ real time. Even if they reach 200 real time, most of the time, the server will just crash and your site will be down. Also, hosting provider may suspend your account because of over usage of hosting resources.

Answer to this is : VPS or Dedicated hostings! Dedicated will be costing you more and won’t sometimes be feasible. So, we’re going with some of the VPS hostings for hosting our website in this guide of  Hosting for Event blogs.

Best WordPress Web Hosting for Event Blogs

1.Digital Ocean

Oh you’ve already heard DO many times! It’s that good and can handle more than 1000 real time on even their 5$ per month plan. In DO you can create and delete droplets of server any time you want and we can even create one for a day. Digital Ocean charges you for usage only and if we used only one day, we’ll be charged for one day. It is one of the best hosting you can get for hosting your event blog right now.

Cheap compared to others
Good support
Auto backups
Hourly billing

Nothing much
No Control Panel
You Have to setup database manually

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2.Dreamhost VPS

Dreamhost VPS starts from $15 per month, and is one of the best VPS out there, and is also one of the best VPS hosting for Event blogging. And it is one of the most reliable VPS hosting, with a solid customer care service.

Security features
Money-back guarantee
Unlimited data transfers per month
Cloud storage plans.

A bit pricey

Signup for Dreamhost VPS here

3.Interserver VPS

Interserver is one of the leading VPS providers and also one of the oldest web hosting providers. They’re offering Linux VPS servers starting from $6/month (1GB RAM, as opposed to DO’s 512 MB 5$ plan). They are pretty well known for their good customer support and their up times.


Easy deployment of slices
Easy upgrades
Simple control panel
Backups & Snapshots
99.9% up time guarantee

Nothing much to talk about

Interserver VPS for $0.01 Only

4.A Small Orange VPS

A small orange is a premium web hosting company, well known for it’s service and support. They’re a bit pricey, but good things come with a price, don’t they? 😀 . Their VPS plans start from 20$/month for 1GB plan, which is even a little more than what Dreamhost has got to offer. They even come with free installation of cPanel/WHM for plans over level II.

Unlimited monthly data transfers
100% up time by automatic failover
Free cPanel & WHM

Pricier than other hosting in this list

5.Vultr VPS

Vultr is said to be a direct competitor for Digital Ocean, because most of the features are similar and similar pricing. They also offer hourly billing like DO, and they come with more location of server, i.e, 14. They also come with good support and their 5$ or 10$ hosting will be able to handle your event blog very well.

One Minute Activation
Hourly Billing
More deployment locations

Not much to talk about

These were the best web hosting providers to host your event blogs based on WordPress.


  1. Jatin

    March 30, 2016 at 5:20 pm

    very nice collection of web hosting sites 🙂 thanks. I’m using GoDaddy right now but I’ll soon move to one of the above mentioned site 🙂


  2. Ratan

    November 26, 2016 at 8:44 am

    Today I bought hostgator baby plan for 3 years. I disappointed when I have seen the cpanel looks and cpanel accessing speed. Its terrible. Thanks for your post. Now, I will cancel the plan and move on another hosting.


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