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Remove Background from Images Online without using Photoshop

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photo background removal tool

Do you want to remove background from your photos quickly without using Photoshop? Well its easy then ever with the help of this one click tool. All you have to do is upload the image or URL of image and within few seconds you’ll get your image with background removed.

How to Remove Image Background Online without Photoshop

Remove.bg lets you quickly and easily remove the background of any image that has a person in it. Simply go to https://www.remove.bg/ and upload your image or its URL.

Its a FREE to use tool which uses AI and some other algorithm to separate backgrounds from photos.

It doesn’t work on all pictures, there has to be at least one person in the image for the AI to detect as foreground and everything else as background.

We’ve tried this with multiple photos and the results were pretty good to be honest. Here is one more example of this online background removal tool:

remove background from image

You can try it by yourself and see how it works.

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